Jon Collins is the 2015 CAMS Australian Formula 3 Champion!

JON COLLINS is the 2015 CAMS Australian Formula 3 Champion, after a decision of 11831817_1033404086669743_5156889261437665411_nthe Australian Motor Sport Appeal Court (AMSAC)  earlier this week.

AMSAC heard an appeal by Ricky Capo Racing after the #92 Dallara/Mugen-Honda was excluded from the final race of the 2015 Championship, the City of Goulburn Cup, on 18 October 2015.

“It’s been a long, long 12 months, but for the championship to finally be decided is a huge weight off my shoulders. It’s a big deal not just for me but for the team as well. We all worked so hard to be the best driver/team combo and it’s great to finally be rewarded with the championship in which we deserved,” said Collins on Thursday evening in response to the CAMS announcement.

Capo beat Collins on track in a stunning set of races at Wakefield Park, leading to Capo winning the title by four points, 276 to 272.

Following the race, Gilmour Racing, alleging that the rear wing cord was too thick on the Ricky Capo Racing Dallara, lodged a protest. This led scrutineers to measure the rear wings of both Championship contending cars, and declaring both the #92 and #17 Gilmour Racing cars illegal.

Gilmour Racing accepted the sanction of exclusion, leaving the Championship point score at 276 Capo to 257 Collins, after the deduction of 15 points from Collins’ original championship total.

Following a stewards hearing held after the race meeting, Car #92 was also disqualified leaving the championship standings provisionally at 257 to 256 in favour of Collins.
Ricky Capo Racing appealed further to a CAMS Appeal Tribunal, which ruled in favour of
CAMS, and then to the Australian Motor Sport Appeal Court, disputing aspects of the measurement, and disputing the level of performance enhancement of the rear wing cord, which was alleged to have been thicker than the FIA-permitted height.

AMSAC then ruled that the offending component be sent to the CAMS Eligibility Committee for review before making a final decision.

The CAMS Eligibility Committee upon review deemed the component illegal, a ruling binding on AMSAC, and upholding CAMS’ original decision, leaving both Capo and Collins excluded from the Race 4 result, and the Championship being awarded to Collins, by a margin of one point.